May 12, 2019

I attended my first Storymakers Conference this year and I feel very conflicted.

On the one side, the conference was amazing. The teachers and presentations were amazing. I have a copious amount of notes and pictures that I need to review and type up for my notes. I, also, met some incredible people. I actually felt a bit overwhelmed by the kindness of the people that I met.

The conflict that I feel is about how much I need to l...

April 2, 2019

In my life, I have had a number of experiences that have truly altered/shaped the way I think. After reading a couple of things in the news, I felt the need to share one on here.

A few weeks after September 11th, 2001, I was riding a bus in Toowoomba, Australia. It was a gorgeous Spring day.

A few stops after my companions and I entered the bus, I watched as two ladies with hijabs made their way to an empty seat only a few feet...

March 2, 2019

I recall watching a divorce attorney in court who, I felt, was truly an embarrassment to not only the legal profession, but mankind as a whole. By the time he was done arguing in court, he had upset the judge, opposing counsel and, from what I saw, even his client. I wondered how he treated his coworkers or even his family.

The etymology of "Integrity" comes from the Latin "integritas" which has several meanings - soundness, wh...

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